Classic Sweetheart Sexy Corsets

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By Wendy - September 9,2011

When asked about the presence of boning for this dress, the website officials just replied that there is boning present while not commenting on the nature of the boning which is present in the corset which was actually the main question in the first place. I have seen the reviews for the other products and I have noticed that most if not all of them have plastic boning. However I would still like a confirmation as to the type of boning present for this one too just to satisfy my curiosity of the product which I would be purchasing. Also I have a suggestion for the website which might be very useful. Adding the type of boning present into the details of the corset could actually answer most of the question posed by the customers.


By Heather - January 21,2012

One thing that should be included with EVERY corset is whether or not the boning is metal/steel or plastic. Also it should be noted if it is durable enough for waist training or not, because this is a "true" corset versus the cheaply constructed "fashion" corsets. I'd like that distinction here. Otherwise, some of these items appear promising. Thank you


By elena - December 2,2012

¿Este corset viene con panel trasero? ¿tiene varillas de acero? gracias

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