Blue Shiny Metallic Mermaid Suit for Halloween Halloween

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By pirsoul9 - June 29,2012

bonjour , super elle me vas comme un gand et je suis tres fiere de se site merci pour tous


By karen - August 18,2011

I wish this suit could be made to swim. It\'ll make a lovely costume at the local aquarium where I am thinking of putting up a show on animal life in the water. Too bad. What happens if you put it in water? I\'d like to get it and use it for the aforementioned purpose if it\'ll distort only after a couple of ties in the water. I just want my show to be a hit. And I think 50$ is not so bad for a suit that can last a few times in the water. if possible, how long can I let it stay in the water. If not, the blue color will still come in handy for the same reason and I can portray it to be like its underwater. I win either way.


By tyler - June 1,2011

so can you swim in it and how do you move in it

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