Blue School Uniform Cosplay Costume

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By Anise - July 24,2012

I was browsing through Milanoo (my favorite pastime these days) for something the next halloween and when I saw this amazing out of this world school uniform I knew I have come to the right place. Nothing could have suited my figure like this dress  These costumes are just so awesome! I’ve been in love with them from the first day. Knowing the fact that I already own a dozen of costumes already which i hardly wear I couldn’t stop me from buying this really pretty skirt form Milanoo for the next halloween, I don’t care when it is but this was so gorgeous I just couldn’t let it go. Milanoo has saved my day many a times but this halloween is going to be amazing!


By Susan - September 25,2011

This shade of blue has been something that I never thought I would find. I have been hunting Milanoo for ages now and I have never been able to find this dress. And to be honest, it wasn’t just milanoo that I was going through in the search of this dress and it was actually a whole bunch of other firms and online stores too where I was looking for something like this. However most, if not all were the darker shade of blue, dark or navy blue and though I do not have against that color, this is the color which has always appealed to me and hence I have decided to pick it up as a result. This is the best school dress uniform ever!!


By keiki - August 18,2012

I was never really a fan of school dresses which did not have full sleeves. They always lack something which I think can often be called as being well dressed. Thanks to this website I found something which is actually full sleeved while it is also something that is really good looking. Most websites which I have checked out so far have had either only short sleeved shirts or have had something which looked rather odd and did not even seem like school dresses in the first place. The delivery and the price of this dress are also two more things that need to be appreciated and the website really has a lot of potential to become one of the best stores for clothes on the internet.

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