Blue Power Ranger Zentai Suit Halloween Lycra Spandex Super Hero Costume Cosplay Halloween

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By John - October 22,2012

Costume arrived today in pennsylvania after ordering it just a week ago. Bought the XL and im at 6'0" and 240 lbs. Fits perfect. For those wondering, the pants went down my leg fully to the feet, the "boots" fully cover your feet top and bottom and came up to roughly my knee. Gloves covered to my elbows. (not wearing in picture because i couldn't work my iphone through the gloves) Overall very happy with the purchase, just wish the green was a bit closer to an emrald green than the lighter green it came as


By crostone - January 27,2011

1) 1.85cm 2) 80Kg 3) 59cm 4) 42cm 5) 48cm 6) 94cm 7) 85cm 8) 105cm 9) 18cm 10) 59cm 11) 19cm 12) 80cm 13) 28cm 14) 28cm


By Princess - March 17,2010

It is so cool.Quite cheap.I will order it soon.Hope it good quality.

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