Bleach Stark Halloween Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By Jackie - July 24,2012

I love dressing up in costumes from anime and particularly male characters because i am a tomboy by nature and i do not much like the frills and embellishments of most female anime characters. I think they glorify the sex appeal a bit too much and that puts me off. That’s why i choose characters that are badass and manly. Plus the make me look cute too because people don’t expect to see a girl in these outfits. Since i am a regular shopper at milanoo i know that i can only expect the highest in quality and service and milanoo makes it a point to not disappoint customers. Good going guys.


By Rick - August 17,2012

I’m so excited to finally have my costume delivered from milanoo. I have been a regular customer of milanoo’s for over a year now and all this while i have noticed that all the stuff they stock on here is of an exceptional quality. I absolutely love the price to quality ratios that milanoo maintains. It’s very advantageous on the customer’s part. Like this costume i had ordered form milanoo. It looks absolutely amazing and very very stylish indeed. I love how the collar and belt area is in contrast and the popped collar makes it look very cool. Comfort is also a great plus form this costume. great stuff yet again.


By Stark - July 12,2011

Bellissimo! semplicemente stupendo, mi interessa.

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