Black Wrosted Lace Embroidery Men's Wedding Suit

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By Benedict - May 25,2012

Lace embroidery on suits was a long lost tradition and technique I was starting to think until I saw this one on milanoo. The embroidery pattern is quite intricate and though it might not have been made by hand, it still looks every bit as artistic. The pattern makes for a very elegant outfit and the suit is meant to wear to high teas and the like. I only wear it occasionally but whenever I do, I am told by several people that I look good. The trousers along with this are quite comfortable too and can be worn independently I suppose. I have to try out that outfit as well. On the whole, I am extremely pleased with my purchase and for prices like this, I will buy again!


By Joey - March 18,2012

The lace embroidery on the lapel of this one looks really nice and I would love to have this suit here for my wedding. However the image that you put up here is not at all helpful as to how it actually does look like in real life. I mean, I really can’t make out much of how or what the design pattern is at all here. Can you please provide better images so that I can get a better idea of what exactly it is that I would be buying? Thank you very much in advance for your help.


By clockk99 - May 1,2012

I have this in my basket to order, but before I do I need to be sure it is a flat panel front for the pants; unable to tell from the picture and there is nothing in the description to let me know.

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