Black Single Breasted Button Lapel Worsted Groom Wedding Tuxedo

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By Victor - March 18,2012

This one is one of the more expensive products that you see from the website. I mean, most of the stuff that I got here so far have been very good deals. Not that this one is not, but it is just that the others have been cheaper. The quality of this is however matched up to the extra price so I think it is not that unfair a deal at around 100 dollars. The fabric is very good and the color, well it is the perfect shade of black. It would definitely make for a lovely suit for me.


By Wayne - May 25,2012

This suit came with all the bits and pieces that one needed at a wedding. The design was perfect for the setting and I was looking forward to attending it and it was a great experience. I was bearing the rings and I ended up looking pretty great in the photographs! The tuxedo was a good fit and the waistcoat looked great on me. Moreover, when I was trying it on, I realized that the fabric is pretty good quality; something one wouldn't expect in a regular wholesale store that sells tuxedos at a discount. The black was really striking and there were no signs of fading even after the first wash. This tux has convinced me that milanoo is a great place to buy clothes, I will do that!

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