Black One Single Button Worsted Groom Wedding Tuxedo

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By Justin - October 29,2011

These new age tuxedos really speak to me because of how elegant yet modern they look. This single button one was something that I had always been interested in but my tailor was always charging too much. There is nothing better to wear on a weekend formal event if you are trying not to go overboard. The fabric feels and looks great too and it is pretty thick unlike the thin muslin type of stuff most cheap stuff have. The delivery was made pretty quick and I am going to come back to this site soon to buy more stuff.


By Ricardo - November 5,2011

I am not the one who is really a very big fan of two buttoned suits and that was why I was looking all over the internet for a one buttoned suit. Though most of them were found here and there, none of them seemed to be any good. Either they would be poorly designed or they would be made of very bad fabric or if some website did manage to get both of them right, they would end up being overpriced. This really was irritating till I ended up with Milanoo which really had the best of everything possible.


By chan - March 13,2012

i ordered this tuxedo thinking that i have saved myself money because we're on a low budget wedding. I never order anything on here before but seeing this nice/glamorous tux I placed the order. It's arrive within 2-3 weeks. When opened it, I was a big mistake...the fabric looked cheap/shiny...and the length of the pant wasn't sewed..i was so disappointed because I paid extra of custom made pant not undone one.. So now I have to end up going to Men's Warehouse to rent the tuxedo for my finance which will cost me an extra of $100.00 plus tax...so now I am ending up spent double the amount than I expected...

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