Black Long Sleeves Punk Lolita Outfits

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By Addie - January 29,2014

I love this outtfit! Its comfortable and another note the skirt doesnt poof out as much as it does in the picture, but i dont mind that at all. I love the old fashioned and proper look this outfit gives me!


By Nori-chi - March 14,2012

Just got this dress in the mail- it arrived early, always a plus =) The dress comes in two pieces, a full top and skirt, plus the petticoat. The shirt can be fitted as it has a lace-up back, and likewise the skirt has two buttons on the waistband for a closer fit if need be. The skirt is lovely and of a good length. The petticoat leaves a little something to be desired- it does not fill out the skirt the way it appears in the photo, it's very flat, but considering it came with the dress I can't complain. If you're a by-the-book Lolita, though, you're going to want to invest in a better petticoat (if you haven't already). It should also be noted that the shoulders of the dress are puffy, which doesn't really come through in the photo. Overall, however, I am very pleased with the product and the service through which it was received. Definitely got my money's worth. I would recommend both this dress and Milanoo to anyone wanting to do Lolita on a budget.


By MoonExpressions - October 22,2011

I just recently received this dress, and I love it. ^_^ The dress came with the Black shirt and Laced floral skirt. The skirt had a zipper and 2 buttons on above to secure it. The back of the shirt has a black silk ribbon, which works like a corset. --- FYI (if this is going to bother some people). The length of the sleeves ended right a little over my wrist and above my hand. I thought it should have ended midway of my hand. It seemed somewhat odd, and made it look like the arms were made too short. But the good side is that I can still work in my dress and the sleeves won\'t really bother me.

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