Black Lace High Heels Women's Peep Stiletto Pumps

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By Dwoei - September 17,2011

Such beautiful shoes! The satin lace material covering each shoe has a special unique design that looks like a well made spider web. Delicate, sweet and comfortable to wear, milanoo black pumps are for sure this autumn’s star. I bought them in the first moment I saw the photo. I have just received them and they look great. Tonight I’m having a party and I’ll dress all in black. These shoes will make my look complete and more elegant.


By Georgeta - September 29,2011

Wow! How gorgeous can these shoes be! They look really really good and they truly are comfortable. The price is perfect for me. I don’t want to spend that much money on clothes or shoes. Most of the time, I buy clothes from second-hand stores or site that have clearance periods. Milanoo is more than a good bargain site. It has the best couriers ever. They call before coming and if the customer is not at home, they comeback with another call later.


By MARIANA FONTOURA - November 16,2011

it really is beautiful and super comfortable this milanoo and congratulations!

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