Black Butler Madam Red Angelina Dalles Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By Helen - October 21,2011

This dress looks wonderful and smart. The quality of material that the dress has been made from is high quality and strong. I have a big body and the measurement table helped me in choosing the right size something that i am proud of. The half length skirt has been designed nicely i love this dress so much. The hat makes the dress unique while the bowknot makes the dress to be simple. I have no complains at all about the price of the dress.


By genevive - August 18,2012

Aren’t animes just the most awesome source for the latest fashion? I firmly believe in this statement and love taking tips and cues from animes and video games that come from japan to spice up my wardrobe. It works out great too because i’m pretty much guaranteed a unique look and it always stands out. Take this dress for instance. It just brims with cuteness all over. I love wearing it to parties and events of a more formal nature and it feels really nice. It’s also really fun to wear this to go out. It is the nicest conversation starter and can be worn both ways as a costume or a casual piece. And it fits me nicely too. Not big or anything. Yay!


By sharon - July 22,2011

salve volevo avere un\'informazione.ma la giacca e\' tutt\'uno con il vestito o si puo anche togliere?

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