Black Butler Kuroshitsuji UnderTaker Cosplay Shoes Halloween

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By Hannah - July 20,2012

These shoes are not just for cosplay but go well for clubwear as well and that was the actual reason I bought them! The price is just right for me and if it were a little less I would have felt guilty about getting something so good for so little. The material is amazing and the length is perfect for me because the skirts I normally wear are quite small. I am a fan of milanoo now and I will be back pretty soon to buy some other stuff. This site is nothing like the rest of the online stores that are pretty expensive to buy in. Milanoo is truly amazing and the shopping experience so far has been great.


By Caro - August 16,2012

Wow,i have no words to describe such a wonderful boots,it will make me fatanstic.


By undertaker_shimigami - October 4,2012

I have been looking for these boots everywhere in a lower price the ones I looked at where 70$ or more so I will have to ask for them soon

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