Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Michaelis Halloween Cosplay Wig Halloween

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By xxjenovas_witnessxx - June 28,2011

Wig arrived today in the mail, wonderful condition and great quality. The Logistics Arrangement and Shipping went by very fast. My roommate ordered a Lolita dress from Milanoo before me, and I received my first wig order before she received hers. It was in a plastic envelope from FedEx. Despite that, they made sure to encase the wig in a hair net and very carefully placed two balls of packing paper inside of the wig to ensure some kind of shape retainment. IT LOOKS LIKE REAL HAIR! I love it, it fits perfectly, and I\'m excited to see the person I purchased this for wear it to the anime convention. I\'m excited to receive my other orders from Milanoo, and see what my roommate\'s looks like! Thank you, Milanoo!


By Name - October 14,2011

It looks really great! Nicely packaged and I got it a lot faster than I expected! Never really bought a wig before, or worn one, but it looks very good and practically like the pictures.


By seantimms - August 6,2011

This wig is excellent!! top quality looks like and somewhat feels like real hair, i am 100 percent satisfied.

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