Black Butler KuroShitsuji Grell Halloween Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By Serenity - April 5,2015

Ooh esta barato increíble viva o.o


By Jessica - May 13,2012

I ordered this and was very happy with the quality of the material and postage. However their were some issues that i didn't worry too much about: ARM BELTS- Didn't come with any, so i brought a belt and cut it up, they worked fine. RED COAT- Beautiful!!! I love it, wonderful material, and fits perfectly. And it does up with a zip! The bow at the back is red (i didn't have tome to change it to black) and I added buttons to the sleeve. VEST- It was nice, good quality but Grell's vest is BLACK not red. so I brought a Black Vest. WHITE SHIRT- Very tight! How could the vest fit and not the shirt? It's easy to find a white shirt so i didn't worry. TROUSERS- I was shocked to see these as the waist wouldn't have even fit a barbie doll!!! They were so small! Again, black pants are cheap and easy to find so I brought another pair. And I made the chains. CRAVAT- Rubbish! A 2mm x 1meter bright pink ribbon is not a cravat! IT LOOKS NOTHING like the picture! I made the cravat my self and had painted the stripes. Overall, I was happy with the product, it was fun alternating bits ( apart form the cravat!) and since I brought it on clearance, I did get what I paid for. To anyone's quick questions: The VEST and SHIRT are separate NO arm belts (it doesn't say it comes with them anyway) The vest is RED and has a full back NO glasses, no chain on the pants (they are easy to make anyway) Order your size, their chart is accurate (everyone i speak to have trouble with pants so lucky these are easy to find) NO black gloves (i garbed a pair form the $2 shop) Hope this was useful! and here's the outfit with the milanoo coat: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=402089069809335&set=a.402088526476056.94229.100000247362775&type=3&theater


By Tristan - June 5,2011

Does this come with the glasses?

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