Black 1 1/5" Heel Castlevania Earl Faux Leather Cosplay Shoes Halloween

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By Derek - July 22,2012

The length of these boots is pretty intimidating and that was the look that I was going for with this cosplay and it worked out pretty well. I had bought these a while ago but never go the chance to wear them as a lot of others in our troupe tried them on but only I did it with the right costume and it was amazing. The cosplay stuff here is pretty great and I plan on buying some more things. Moreover, I went through the regular collections and found amazing shirts and trousers at great discounts. I will be buying more stuff on milanoo and considering the quality of these shoes, I am not worried at all! I am also recommending this site to my friends and family members who are looking to save money when they buy clothes.


By KathrynChalkley - February 5,2013

I think that the tailoring should include foot Width. I have recently bought these boots for my brother and they do not fit because the width for the feet were too small.

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