Axis Powers Hetalia Little Italy Maid Halloween Cosplay Costume Military Uniform Halloween

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By Bianca - November 8,2010

Good quality outfit. Love it! Oh, and I think it comes with the accessories for both characters outfits.


By Sarah - July 5,2011

This is a very good quality cosplay. Most people get the color and the skirt sizing wrong but this looks Very accurate. It does have the items for both Italy and Hungary, note that they wear almost exactly the same thing. The accessories are the only difference, but this cosplay includes the accessories for both so overall this is the best cosplay I have found yet! You even got the head cloth details correct! :) I hope to get cosplay as soon as possible!


By Alexandra - April 18,2010

Very cute! But I\'m pretty sure this is the Italy\'s maid outfit, not Hungary\'s.

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