Axis Powers Hetalia Lithuania Halloween Cosplay Costume

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By Kyle - November 12,2011

To be totally honest I never really did expect to find a real replica of the actual anime costume. I didn’t really look over the internet much but it was not really such a popular anime in my school and hence I really did not have too much hope for it. I was actually looking for some naruto props when I chanced upon this one and I could not resist. I gave up on the naruto sword and ended up placing an order for this one. I must say, it was one purchase which was definitely worth it a lot.


By jane - August 18,2012

This costume has been the perfect thing. I was looking for something like this in military character for the past couple of months but all the options i saw were really amateur looking and did not satisfy me. Finally i saw this one on milanoo and it clicked that this was what i was looking for. I have been waiting for a suitable costume to wear to my brother’s annual dress up bash which is based on the movie Valkyrie this time around and i want to dress up as the lion. I am really happy now that my package has arrived and i tried my costume on and it was pretty comfy but felt a bit weird because i have never worn something like it.

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