Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Jaeger Cosplay Wig Halloween

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By halls - November 9,2014

Alright so this is my second wig from this website. I didn't have any worries really since my last wig came out great, except I was kind of weary about the styling job. In the end it looked pretty good, though I find the wig kind of thick, the fit is a little tight on my head, and they didn't style it too much. They did do the top of the head and it appears they heated the top of the wig hair up, so if may seem a little frizzy. So another than those details, I'd say it is a pretty good wig, though I'll defiantly need to style it some more and cut the back, it's pretty long.


By karine - September 25,2015


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