Airhostess Uniform Black Purple 65% Cotton 35% Polyester Cosplay Costume

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By romi - July 18,2011

Cute outfit, suitable to be worn to office and formal events. A prefect costume to attend a Halloween or costume party. It also comes with a wig allowing me to dress up like an air hostess in an anime story. The color of the uniform adds a touch of elegant to the well tailored suit.


By Lisa - September 15,2011

Boy, is this one pretty dress. I really didn’t think of this as an airhostess’s uniform and picked it up because it was something good looking. However a week or so after I placed the order, I came back to the website and I realized what I had done. But I then thought it was not too late and nothing had been lost as the dress was still good enough to be worn outside on most good occasions and though I am not an airhostess and have no aspirations of being one, I still think one can walk around with this dress and can have uses for it other than to wear it when they are serving people on an airplane. But, that’s just me and I think it would look just fine as an airhostess’ dress too!

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