Air Gear Itsuki Cosplay Costume Halloween

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By amanda - August 18,2012

It was my son arthur’s 12th birthday last week and for quite some time he had been pestering me about wanting to dress up and go to school on his birthday because another of is friends had done it and it was suddenly the cool thing to do. I tried to dissuade him but to no avail. In the end i had to budge in so i looked around and got him this formai-ish looking costume that i thought wouldn’t be too odd too at school. He too was satisfied when i told him it was a cosplay uniform even though he doesn’t know what cosplay is. It was easy because the pricing was so affordable that even i was satisfied and so was my son.


By grace - August 29,2012

I like the Itsuki costume so much. It's very comfortable and it's of good quality. Thanks, milanoo!

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