Men's Vintage Costume Victorian Green High Low Coat Retro Overcoat Halloween

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By kitten2102 - June 1,2011

Reading the description I believe the coat is the only thing you are buying here, is that correct? If so, is Milanoo planning on getting the other products so that we can create this whole outfit? I am particularly interested in the pants and boots. Thanks


By daniel - October 10,2011

Wow! This would really look good on my son during his Halloween School play. I have been searching for hours on the internet for the perfect costume that would look good on my son and of course, fit his role as the mysterious French gentleman who would turn out to be a ghost. I think the color is a little off though. Do you have a black colored coat like this? It would really make my day if you did. Anyway, your products are amazing. It was hard to rule out anything from this collection.


By nancy - October 15,2011

The moment I set my eyes on this lovely green suit, I knew I wanted it for my husband. And I ordered it then and there.It was shipped within days of the order being taken...that was a pleasant surprise considering the time taken by other e-commerce sites I had been to.Pat absolutely loved it.Its a great fit and very nice texture of cloth. And I believe its very easy to wash as well.

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