Gothic Lolita Dress OP Black Long Hime Sleeves Ruffles Lace Trim Cotton Lolita One Piece Dress

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By tallonemily - January 10,2013

I think I could of sent some better measurements.... My advice is to make your height taller. They made my top a biiiitttt short, so I can only wear it with the skirt and not with jeans else my belly shows. And give a wee bit bigger bust size when you order, they made it a tad too tight. I'm happy overall, but I know now what to do next time I order. The lace is super soft and not scratchy at all. Also if you are bigger give your neck circumference so they know and bicep as well. So the sleeves aren't tight and the neck fits without choking. Also it was made fast and shipped! I hadn't know it was shipped till it got here! Ahaha it was a pleasant surprise.


By aqua.kath - March 27,2012

An amazing outfit, fits lovely on the body, very comfortable and to top it all off it looks great on you!


By KingChrystal - July 31,2013

Okay even though I'm giving this 5 stars I will admit it had one broken button, but it only took about five minutes to replace all the buttons with beautiful little antiqued pearl buttons that I already had and the shirt is fabulous! I had it tailor-made and was nervous about the fit since the measurements didn't seem as comprehensive as they could be, but was quite happily shocked at the wonderful fit of both the top and skirt. This was my first order from Milanoo, but it definitely will not be my last, I'm couldn't be more pleased with what I have already ordered and can't wait to fill my wish list once more. I highly recommend this outfit to any fellow lolitas out there, and if you aren't a seamstress like myself ask someone else to take your measurements and if in doubt about where to measure look it up on line and research it a bit.

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