Convertible Wrap Black One-Piece Nylon Spandex Monokini Swimsuit

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Bust: 81-86 cm (31.9-33.9in)
Waist: 58-64 cm (22.8-25.2in)
Hips: 86-91 cm (33.9-35.8in)
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By delph - March 27,2012

prendre la taille en dessous!


By <3 desiree - May 4,2012

Hey, I am a proud Milanoo customer and all I have to say is, this swimsuit is the same exact swim suit. The only difference is the name, and what your willing to pay for it. I bought it and I LOVE IT.... I may not look like the model in it, because I'm obviously not that skinny but it looks nice. Bottom line is, if your on this website, your willing to pay for an item you never tried on with the risk of being disappointed. If you really want to know how it looks try it out and see. I'm pretty sure you spent more money on food than you will on this bathing suit. <3 desiree


By dotee1999 - April 11,2012

well since its so cheap why dont someone buy it and write a review geesh its only 13/14 dollars lol lol so what if its a knock off its cheaper and thats what you wanted right you get what you pay for. If you receive it and y ou dont like donate it to the goodwill! ITS CHEAP PEOPLE UUUGGGHHH!

Combo Deal:61.44

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