Chic Black Single Breasted Button Lapel Worsted Groom Wedding Tuxedo

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By Ricardo - March 18,2012

Hi, my name is Ricardo and I would really like to buy this suit for my wedding. However there are a few questions which I would like to be answered before I go on and get this dress. The first one is whether or not this one will include the whole package, I mean, one of the reasons why I like this so much is because of the sliver waistcoat that is there in the picture. Please let me know if I would be getting that too. Also, I would like to know how long it will take for shipping?


By Jean - May 25,2012

This tuxedo was coming with an included tie and since I am known to have some trouble with matching ties to the tuxedos, I decided to just buy this and be done with it all and boy was I pleased when the entire package came and looked perfect for me. The suit was just right, the trousers were amazing and made me look more elegant than ever before. What's more is that the quality of the fabric was amazing and I am not sure if I have ever come across something like this for so cheap before. At the price of a rental, I got a tuxedo all for myself. I have shown this site to a lot of friends and they are all happy with it and will buy.


By visele - July 20,2011

poitrine 115cm taille 113cm hanche 110cm que dois prendre comme taille je mesure 1m66 pour un smoking attracktive black merci

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