Spiderman Full Bodysuit Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit For Halloween

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Spiderman Full Bodysuit Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit For Halloween
$ 36.89
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Spiderman Full Bodysuit Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit For Halloween
Got mine in the mail today, going to provide all the details and answers to questions that I had when I ordered. I bought this for a Halloween costume. I placed the order on 10/3/2011, it shipped on 10/8/2011 and arrived to me today, 10/17/2011. I paid for the expedited shipping just to be safe. The white designs are sewn onto a black zentai, the white material is also lycra/spandex, however the stitching isn\'t. This shouldn\'t be a problem, however the tips of some of the white spider designs flop around a bit, so I plan on sewing them down so it looks better. You cannot see out of the white eyes, only vague shapes. There are white squares on the backs of my hands, and no design on the back. The back zips up halfway behind the head, but there are two zippers; one coming down from the head and one coming up from the back and they meet wherever you\'d like them to meet. I was able to zip up the back to my neck line and tuck the hood in neatly into the front of the suit, with it being black it looks just fine. As for the fit, everything fits where it should with a little maneuvering and adjusting. I bought an XL and I\'m six foot one, 170 lbs, 34\" inseam 32\" waist and the legs are plenty long (the crotch isn\'t droopy). I work out regularly and you can see muscle definition through the suit. Definitely go by height not weight when ordering these, everything will stretch. The only issue I have with fit is some of the fingers aren\'t long enough. Hope this helped some folks.

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