Sexy Red Acrylic Spandex Womens Demon Halloween Costume Cosplay

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By ARS - October 19,2011

is average size one size fits all?


By Liz - November 4,2011

I have never purchased a Halloween costume till now in my life and each and everyone that I have ever sported so far have all been things that I had borrowed from friends or some experiment of mine. There were even times when I went to the store to lend clothes just for the weekend. However when I looked at this one, it was literally love at first sight and I picked it up immediately. I have never seen a costume so complete. They actually sold this one with the horn and the little fork. That is really sheer perfection.


By Judy - September 12,2014

I read the review before, fortunately I usually wear a medium. The costume is exactly what I want, sexy and everything is perfect! super love!

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