Kingdom Hearts Xemnas Cosplay Costume

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Kingdom Hearts Xemnas Cosplay Costume
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Kingdom Hearts Xemnas Cosplay Costume
Hi, I had paid 220€ to you in order to buy you 3 cosplay and a pink corset, but on thursday 25 Of February Bank of China ( where I previously had transfered the money ) had returned me 195€ ( instead of 220€ ). So I just wanted to know why did you return my money when I still wanted to buy the articles. I bought the articles between 15-17 January, and I paid the same week verification was aproved. Nowadays articles I paid for are more expensive than they were when you did aprove the verification. I am still interested in buying the articles, but for the price they had when I decided to buy them. Now I can pay you again by using bank tranference or by paypal as you told me once in a message, but in that case I would pay just 195€ because is the quantity of money that was returned to me (when I didn\'t ask for it). I would be very gratefull if you could answer as far as possible.

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