Code Geass Lloyd Asplund Cosplay Costume

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Code Geass Lloyd Asplund Cosplay Costume
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Code Geass Lloyd Asplund Cosplay Costume
This is more of along shirt than winter coat so if you are looking for a popular cartoon character inspired coat for the winter, think again if you are considering this one. The material is quite thin. But if you can pull it off, it looks very stylish. It has a black band around the arm and though its not much, it makes the shirt look unique and adds something special to it. This shirt comes with a pair of black pants that are very comfortable. I never want to take them off. You can probably wear this when its not too chilly outside. The shirt has a high collar so your neck doesn’t get cold. That is a very nice touch to a shirt as well and quite creative on milanoo’s part.

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